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Safebetpay connects iGaming merchants to trusted financial institutions. Leveraging adaptive technologies, we optimize your operations, amplify revenue, and ensure seamless, secure transactions. Go from high-risk to high reward with us.


services we offer

Safebetpay is your trusted partner in iGaming solutions
and consultancy services. We prioritize long-lasting relationships
and optimize your payment processes for maximum efficiency.


High-Risk Card-Acquiring

Benefit from fast, easy-to-integrate payment solutions for iGaming operators, compliant with industry standards globally.

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Cryptocurrency OTC

Efficiently convert large volumes of cryptocurrency to fiat and vice versa, limiting volatility exposure at competitive rates.

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Payment Consulting

Optimize your iGaming payment processes and increase revenue via tailored consulting services and solutions.

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Worldwide Settlement

Benefit from fiat and digital currency payouts globally to KYC-approved bank accounts or e-wallets via our partner network.

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SEO & Lead Generation

Our consultancy service develops strategies to boost web traffic and conversion rates for your iGaming business.

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Affiliate Payment Solutions

Benefit from compliant high-risk bank transfer solutions, optimizing payments and operational processes.

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about Us

Your Trusted Partner for iGaming Payment success.

Revolutionizing iGaming operations with our insightful consulting solutions, tailored to each merchant and driven by our commitment to establish enduring payment relationships.

Our Inception

Founded by seasoned professionals to provide high-risk payment solutions.

Unmatched Expertise

Dedicated to understanding unique challenges in the iGaming industry.

Our Vision

Building relationships based on efficiency and transparency.

Constant Innovation

Adapting to ever-evolving technologies and market trends.

why choose us

Why our clients choose working with us

Industry leaders in the iGaming sector trust and prefer Safebetpay due to our full comprehension of the unique needs and challenges they face. Offering comprehensive support and services that pave the way for robust and efficient transactional procedures.

Global iGaming Expertise

Safebetpay aids in lowering costs and improves processes, thanks to its global network of partners, saving your valuable time.

Custom Tailored Solutions

Because no two iGaming operators are alike, we offer flexible, scalable, and adaptable solutions to meet specific customer needs.

Worldwide Settlements

Facilitating fiat and digital currency payouts via a vast partner network directly into KYC-approved bank accounts and e-wallets.

Many Supported Networks

use cases

Client use cases

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High-risk merchants like online casino operators can trust our efficient card-acquiring services, designed to mitigate the risks associated with gaming transactions, assuring smooth card payments despite high chargeback rates.

Secure Gaming Transactions

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iGaming operators needing significant fiat-crypto conversions for various purposes can rely on our cryptocurrency OTC services, enabling large-volume transactions with minimal market impact.

Crypto Conversion Services

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Our cryptocurrency OTC services offer iGaming affiliate programs the ability to safely and reliably send payouts in cryptocurrencies to their partners.

Crypto Payments for Affiliates

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For iGaming operators operating in multiple jurisdictions, our cryptocurrency OTC services facilitate easy cross-border transactions, allowing players to transact in their preferred cryptocurrencies.

Easing Cross-Border transactions

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Niche iGaming platforms accepting only cryptocurrencies can rely on our OTC services for managing crypto holdings, facilitating player transactions, and ensuring liquidity for digital in-game currencies.

Crypto-Led iGaming Platforms

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New iGaming startups seeking the best payment solutions can benefit from our payment consulting services, considering factors such as regulatory compliance and enhancing user experience.

Tailored Payment Consulting

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Traditional iGaming companies contemplating cryptocurrency integration can trust our payment consulting services for developing effective strategies addressing regulatory concerns, user demand, and operational requirements.

Assured Crypto Integration